Together for sustainable aviation

Pilots and airlines are acting for the planet. Want to join the movement?


« For any pilot or airline who believe in the power of standing united to crack the aviation sustainability challenge, welcome to #greenpilot »

What is Green Pilot?

We can do far more together than we can alone

Green Pilot is a movement that aims at:

  Creating a community gathering all pilots and airlines who are embracing pride of “going green ».

  Strengthening synergies between members to promote green actions to eliminate as much CO2 as possible and make air travel as efficient and economical as it can be.

  Raising awareness of the population the world aviation industry’s efforts for the environment.


To engage for a greener future of aviation and take care of the world

Air travel faces pressures from all sides, environmental, social and economic. It needs to organize its ecological transition, more than ever.

The industry acts, and solutions exist. However, many people ignore it. And as societies point at air traffic impact on environment, aviation workers face a loss of passion from people who once admired «the ones who could fly».

Working together to act and promote greener ways of flying will, with no doubt, accelerate aviation’s energy transition towards more sustainable models and revive aviation passion!

How to Become a Green Pilot


You are a passionate pilot or airline worker who is concerned about the state of the planet? Are you willing to take a new step in your profession and prepare aviation future?

Membership offers a number of benefits, including:

  Network with like-minded people, seek advice and inspiration and share with other eco-flying champions worldwide.

  Benefit from a platform where your voice can be heard and communicate your brand authentically to an audience who cares.

  Get access to unlimited resources and get VIP tickets to the Green Pilot Conference.

  Fly your Green Pilot flag with pride! Once you become a Green Pilot, you’ll get resources and support to tell the world about your membership.

join the Green Pilot Movement today

The Green Pilot community is made of pilots, airlines, and other aviation lovers that are committed to act and promote green actions to reduce aviation impact. 

It’s easy to join, answer a few questions in the form and we will consider your membership depending on your answers. If you succeed, you will be notified of your selection and enter our proud Green Pilot community!



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