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Captain TheAviathor shared with us the best #view from his office 👨‍✈❄
This snowy #landscape reminds us how essential our involvement is to continue benefiting from our beautiful white #mountains !
Let’s team up to #fly greener 💚✈️⛰️

#greenpilot #sustainableaviation

Congrats to Marine, Rob, Valentin, Alice, Mickael, Susan, Silas, and Lexi, for joining the movement 👏 We are pleased that you have joined the team to accelerate the transition to sustainable aviation 💚✈️🌍

#greenpilot #sustainableaviation #greenaviation #pilot #community

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Meet the Green Pilot members

[Interview] Green Pilot – Fredrik Kämpfe

[Interview] Green Pilot – Fredrik Kämpfe

[Interview]  Fredrik Kämpfe is a private pilot but also the Director of industry affairs for the Swedish Aviation Industry Group.  In this video, he explains to us what made him join the community, how he is trying to promote sustainable flight and shares his vision...

[Interview] Green Pilot: Hugo Possamaï

[Interview] Green Pilot: Hugo Possamaï

[Interview]  Hugo Possamaï was one of the very first pilots to join Green Pilot last winter. First officer on Boeing 777, he is about to become Captain on Boeing 737. In this video, he explains us what made him join the community and his commitment to sustainable...

[Interview] – Green Pilot: Guillaume Pluchon

[Interview] – Green Pilot: Guillaume Pluchon

July 20, 2021[Interview]  Guillaume Pluchon is one of the youngest Green Pilot. Cadet Pilot, he will soon realize his dream of becoming a pilot. In this video, he explains us what made him join the community, his commitment to sustainable aviation and why young people...

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