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What are the Green Pilot movement’s concrete objectives?

The Green Pilot movement was created to show that eco-flying techniques and behaviors can reduce the environmental footprint of aviation.

Fuel efficiency techniques can reduce aircraft consumption by 2 to 5%.
Applied to the whole industry, they would save 20 to 50 million tons of CO2 per year.

It does not mean that eco-flying on its own will save the world. But it is an immediate action that can be taken now to reduce a large part of aviation impact on our planet until innovations are implemented.

What is eco-flying?

Like when you drive your car, pilots and airlines have an impact on the way they fly their aircraft. Eco-flying techniques such as choosing the best routes and profiles, performing continuous descent approaches, taxiing with one engine shut down… allow saving 2% to 5% of fuel.

OpenAirlines, the initiator of the Green Pilot movement, is specialized in counseling airlines and their pilots about eco-flying techniques. To know more about eco-flying practices, visit OpenAirlines’ blog, and follow Green Pilot social networks accounts!

Collective engagement and challenge participation

I am a professional pilot and my airline will not participate in the Green Pilot Challenge. How can I be involved in the movement by myself?

As a pilot, you can get involved in several ways, apart from being a participant of the Green Pilot Challenge through your airline’s participation.

  1. Participate in the Green Picture Challenge, to show the beauty and changes of our planet and increase awareness.
    2. Take part in the Green Project Challenge, if you have a project in mind to reduce your airline’s environmental impact.
    3. Participate informally:
    – by learning more about eco-flying techniques and applying them
    – by talking about them with your colleagues and managers and acting collectively
    – by showing your engagement when you fly a commercial aircraft: let your passengers know how efficient your flight was.
    – by showing us your support, sharing your thoughts, and your engagement on social networks using the hashtag I’m a #GreenPilot to tell the world you are engaged in reducing your environmental impact!
I represent a corporation. We are very concerned about environmental preservation. How can we get involved in the movement?

 First, join the movement by spreading the word to your network!

Besides, we are looking for sponsors to support us in the movement creation and organization. You will also get great benefits in return for your help.

Contact us, we would be glad to welcome you in the adventure!

I often take planes, but I am very concerned about my environmental impact as a passenger. How can I help and be involved in this movement?

Passengers are more and more conscious of the impact of their travels. They sometimes feel they have no solution to avoid it. The Green Pilot movement aims at identifying airlines that are acting to reduce their impact to ease consumers’ choices. But you can do several things to help!

  1. Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, all fellow travelers, that our initiative exists. Show us your support on social media using the hashtag I’m a #GreenPilot. Indeed, as a traveler wishing to do better, you are also a pilot of transition!
  2. Speak to pilots, flight attendants, and passengers on board to share the initiative with them, they may not have heard of our movement! Ask your pilots and flight attendants what’s your flight consumption and raise awareness.
Can I take part in all challenges at once?

Yes! All challenges can be taken by pilots and airlines.
A professional pilot wishing to participate in the Green Picture Challenge can also enroll his airline to participate in the Green Pilot Challenge and send us a participation in the Green Project Challenge if he she has such a project in mind.

What about flight safety? How do you ensure safety first during the Green Pilot Challenge? If pilots are too focused on consumption, will it not impact safety ?

Safety will always needs to stay at the core of pilots’ activity on flights.
Eco-flying techniques are designed to take security into account and to ensure that pilots will never perform an eco-flying practice that would differ from security requirements.

This matter will be at the core of preoccupations during the Green Pilot Challenge.

We decided that “winners” of the challenge would not gain any concrete prize precisely because it may create a competitive mindset that would push pilots to break security rules.

Who is OpenAirlines?

OpenAirlines is the world leader in digital eco-flying solutions for airlines. It has developed SkyBreathe®, a software based on Big Data algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.
All pilots of our customer airlines are equipped with a mobile application, MyFuelCoachTM, that gives them information on their flights and help than apply eco-flying practices. It’s like a virtual coach helping them to fly greener!

SkyBreathe® is currently used by 49 airlines across all continents. In 2019, SkyBreathe® customer airlines have collectively saved 590,000 tons of C02.

To know more about OpenAirlines and SkyBreathe®, visit our website:

How can I be involved in the movement as an airline?

As an airline, you can join the movement by participating in the Green Pilot Challenge or the Green Project Challenge. Participation is free of charge and it will bring you various benefits such as an increased visibility and a better eco-flying culture within your airline.
We have made it very easy and trouble-free for you to participate.

You can also participate in the Green Pilot Conference. We would be glad to welcome you on stage to share your experience with the public.

And, you can share our initiative and be part of the movement on social networks. Spread the word using the hashtag I’m a #GreenPilot and show your engagement!

How can I get involved in the movement as a private pilot? And as an avgeek?

Amateur pilots frequently fly small planes and they are having an impact too! 

If you are very enthusiastic about the Green Pilot movement and willing to join the professional pilots in the adventure, you can try and challenge yourself and your fellow pilot friends to apply eco-flying techniques on your leisure flights. It can be very fun and interesting, and you will learn a lot!

Then share your experience and achievements on social media and join the movement.

Avgeeks, try and share pilots and industry achievements and support them, they will need you to spread the word on their actions!

On our side, we will organize little challenges for you to take up during our events, so you can engage even more and be part of the movement as pilots of transition.

How much does it cost to participate in each challenge?

Joining the movement and participating in all challenges are free.

We are financed by sponsors. Our objective is to save CO2 and increase awareness.
We do not want to set any barriers that would limit or prevent that!

Why only choose eco-flying techniques to reduce the impact of aviation? What about other aspects of pollution of the aviation sector?

We decided to create a movement and challenges around eco-flying techniques because OpenAirlines is a deep specialist in this matter.

Of course, we do not claim to be the saviors of the world.

  • We want to increase awareness on this issue and encourage the use of eco-flying to reduce a large part of aviation industry’s impact on the environment.
  • We want to show that solutions (even if they are part-solutions) exist.

Needless to say that other aspects of aviation industry’s pollution need to be addressed to drastically reduce emissions. Innovations and new practices are urgently needed, and even if they are on their way to implementation, they are, for now, still a dream of the future.

How did you define the objective of saving 50 000 tons of CO2 emissions ?

OpenAirlines’ product, SkyBreathe®, is a software solution that quantifies precisely plane’s consumption and CO2 emissions prevented by using fuel efficiency techniques.

Our 45 customers prevented 590,000 tons of CO2 emissions in 2019 by practicing eco-flying. After making a quick estimation of participants of the Green Pilot, our specialists discussed what objective we could set for the Green Pilot Challenge and this number emerged.

What are the links between the Green Pilot movement, OpenAirlines, and the Solar Impulse Foundation?

The Green Pilot idea was born during a conversation between Bertrand Piccard, the initiator of the Solar Impulse Foundation, and Alexandre Feray, the CEO of OpenAirlines, as SkyBreathe® (OpenAirlines solution) had just been one of the first software to be labeled “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution”.

Elaborating on this idea, OpenAirlines is now devoting its human and financial resources to create the Green Pilot movement and make it a reality. Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation endorsed the movement and are now its official godfather.