Green Picture Challenge

You may see your beautiful picture displayed to the whole world!

Green Picture Challenge

You are a professional pilot? Or a private pilot?

This challenge is for you!

From your cockpits, you have a prime seat to witness the beauty of our planet.

Take pictures of our planet Earth, depicting its beauty, or revealing the impact of global warming, and share your picture on Instagram. The most beautiful picture will be awarded by a jury. [Date of the challenge will be announced soon]

Green Picture Challenge


1x VIP ticket for the Green Pilot Conference.
Learn more about this event.

1x video interview published on the Green Pilot website


Winners will be announced on Green Pilot’s Instagram


Step 1

Follow us on Instagram @green.pilot.m

Step 2

Post your picture on your Instagram followed by #GreenPictureChallenge and @green.pilot.m

The most beautiful picture will be awarded by jury.

See Competition rules here