Green Pilot Certification

Demonstrate your environmental excellence and your employees’ commitment!

Green Pilot Certification

What is the Green Pilot Certification

The Green Pilot Certification was created to prove the reality of employee mobilization of an airline to sustainable aviation.

It aims at highlighting the greenest airlines by assessing the alignment between green policy implemented in the airline, AND the degree of commitment of employees to this strategy. The Green Pilot Certification is given when a certain level of alignment is achieved.


What does it mean to be certified?

Receiving the Green Pilot Certification as an aircraft operator is a way to demonstrate that the environment is at the heart of your concerns and especially those of each of your collaborators. It is also the guarantee of being recognized by the aviation industry but also by the passengers as a major actor of sustainable aviation and as a leader in environmental preservation.

 Internal Use: It means that you are engaging all employees to create a green culture that builds company pride. Plus, by implementing green initiatives, you will achieve significant fuel savings while preserving the planet.

 External Use: Obtaining the label from a third party is proof of your environmental excellence and that all your teams are engaged in the implementation of your green fuel policy: you get recognition from the passengers

Green Pilot Certification 

How to become certified?

We only grant the Green Pilot Certification to airlines that are highly committed to reducing their carbon footprint and have already implemented several environmental strategies to ‘fly greener’. Airlines should also have engaged all their employees in their green policy.

Green Pilot evaluates the information you provide and make a certification decision based on 20 criteria divided into 4 categories:

  • Training: Are your teams trained and aware about fuel efficiency best practices?
  • Practices: How many best practices are implemented in your airline?
  • Communication: Do you share your airline environmental impact?
  • Eco-system: Do you collaborate with other players?

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