Green Pilot Challenge

Let’s save 50,000 tons of CO2 in 4 months!


You are a pilot? An airline?

You want to engage more into reducing aviation’s carbon emissions?
This challenge is for you! The Green Pilot Challenge will encourage all members to collectively bring down air transport emissions in 4 months.


   Prevent 50,000 tons of carbon emissions in 4 months! (The equivalent of planting 5 million trees!)

   Encourage key players to reduce air traffic’s impact on earth

   Expand environmental awareness and create new behaviors


[Date will be announced soon]

Green Pilot Challenge

How does it work?

This main challenge is reserved to professional pilots and their airlines. Only airlines can subscribe registering their pilots. Safety will of course always be ensured.

You are a pilot? If you want to take part in it, ask your managers to participate!

The greenest pilot and airlines will be awarded during the Green Pilot Conference, the big annual gathering of the movement.

The main challenge is divided into 2 main parts. All airlines willing to participate can register to one or both challenges.

between airlines

Global Challenge

The airline will create One corporate team composed of its pilots.

All pilots will work together to achieve the
best environmental performance.



Intra Airline Challenge

Pilots will participate in pairs, and will work together
to achieve the best performance.

Connect with us and participate!

Who knows, you might be given a Green Pilot Trophy from the hands of Bertrand Piccard himself… Stay tuned !