Green Pilot Conference

The annual gathering of the movement, bringing all Green Pilots together!

Toulouse, date to be announced

Green Pilot Events

Meet global thought leaders 

The conference is the place where key players and all members of the community will discuss aviation actions and necessary innovations to create a sustainable future for aviation.

It last one day, and display a very diverse program with inspirational talks, debates, and end with the award ceremony of the Green Pilot Challenge.

Inspiring speakers

Who will be on stage? Major stakeholders and forward-thinking leaders of the industry’s transition. Airlines, industry’s CEOs, Green Pilots, fuel specialists, researchers, influencers… All will be invited to speak to the audience about their experiences and hopes for the future.

Exciting program

How to preserve the incredible benefits of air transport in a sustainable way? Is carbon-free aviation possible? What are the technologies of the future? What is being done today? Industry actors, pilots, researchers, journalists will debate with the energy of face-to-face engagement.

Award Ceremony

Pilots, airlines and individuals that have been remarkably engaged in our Green Pilot challenges and contributed to reach our objective of 50 000 tons of carbon emissions’ reduction will have a space for expression.